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Those of us who have children will know that once those little bundles of joy enter your life, any sense of style you may previously have had or held to high esteem — takes a back seat. Your once minimalist and tidy living room featuring a morrocan coffee table and a single fiddle leaf plant, becomes home to an array of noise-making tiny toys and paraphernalia that seems to multiply by the day. And, no matter how many chic woven baskets or fabric boxes you buy from Ikea and the like, in an attempt to store this collection of random things neatly and stylishly, you still seem to find baby-sized fire trucks behind the couch or step on oddly shaped lego pieces on the way to the bathroom in the dark of night. 

After a few months of trying to keep some sense of order, most parents eventually relent and accept their once aesthetically considered sanctuary is now overrun by plush furry animals, things with wheels, and climbing or walking apparatus that sing really irritating and repetitive tunes whenever you accidentally bump into them. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to baby bibs, bowls, cups and whatever else we use to feed, hydrate and ATTEMPT to keep our children somewhat clean during the process, by that point the parent turns a blind eye to the questionable (ok… ugly) graphics and colours that adorn most of these products. 

At Brands of Kin, a few of us are parents ourselves (can you tell?), so you can imagine our joy when we found Rommer Co — and here’s why…


In some kind of miraculous move, husband and wife team Erin and Beau, managed to find actual time in between working and keeping tiny humans alive, to DO something about the influx of “fairies, logos and cliché kids motifs” that invaded their home as new parents. And that’s how their first product was born… the neutrally coloured silicone bib. With a self-confessed “love for homewares and fashion”, Erin “hated that the hot pink and teal bibs didn’t match the gorgeous outfits” she’d bought for her little girls. In fact, not only that but she describes them as “an eyesore in the kitchen”. We can relate. As it turns out, so can many…with retailers “from all over” stocking their brand. Their bibs are made from “the softest BPA free, food grade silicone” and are durable and compactable. Perfect for outings but also to just keep in the home and come in a variety of really beautifully muted colour tones, including ‘dusty lilac’, ‘sea mist’, ‘cinnamon’, ‘olive’ and ‘clay’ (just to name a few). 


Due to the outrageous success of their prototype product, this busy family have continued to build upon a winning formula — now offering a wide array of tastefully designed and coloured baby meal-time products. Rommer Co makes transportable dinner sets, inclusive of a little bowl with lid, spoon and sippy cup, bio toothbrushes and even hairbrushes. For those uber trendy parents who just LOVE to have everything matchy matchy, you can even buy a bundle pack that includes the famed silicone bib in the same colour — to go with your ‘olive’ dinner set. Clever and convenient! 


Like all inspirational family built businesses, Rommer Co have their sights set on continuing to grow their product and audience base. And we hope they do! 

What may be in store for the future? Well they’re non-specific about that, but what we do know is that as they grow, “they hope to curate more beautiful pieces for your child and home”. We’ll be keeping an eye out and suggest you do too. 

Learn more from Rommer Co.

Words: Phoebe Carden
Photography: Rommer Co


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